Tips for buying a high quality tie

When buying a tie for a specific event, it can be a rather complicated task. There are numerous different ties to pick from and every one of them will highlight your clothing in a different way. Picking the ideal tie will actually make the distinction in between a stylish look and one that just does not look quite. So what are the important things you can do to ensure you get it right the very first time?

The Fabric

It’s essential to consider the fabric of the tie when you are looking for a quality tie. Premium producers will use fabric that offers you a better knot, shape and total look.

The best product you can have for a tie is silk. Because it is a high-quality material and it typically looks much more stylish than any other material of tie, just.

Printed or Woven?

It is a lot easier to achieve a premium pattern by printing on to the tie material, however, it is also possible to attain patterns within woven ties too. Technology is much more advanced than it utilized to be and devices can now weave various colors of material to develop top quality patterns. Due to this, it is possible to get top quality patterns within both printed and woven ties.


Embroidered ties are most popular at the minute, but we would advise picking high quality woven or printed ties instead as they will last a lot longer.

Embroidered stitching can get damaged and fray after a while, which ruins the entire tie.

Tie Bar Tack (Stitch)

Turn over your tie and search for a little stitch on the back of the tie. This stitch is for resting your tie bar upon so that it doesn’t slip out of location. It indicates it was made by an appropriate tie manufacturer if the tie has one of these.