How to Wear A Tie

There is a set of unspoken guidelines about wearing a tie, and a great deal of us don’t know them. By discovering these crucial guidelines, you can set yourself apart and end up being a far more stylish and expert person.

These are the 3 elements of tie-wearing and purchasing that can assist you to become more style conscious.


Donald Trump Tie

We are all talking about Donald Trump’s terrible ties and the primary problem is that they’re just too long!

It is advised that your tie ends simply above your belt buckle, with the tip of your tie hanging over somewhat.

The issue with ties that are too long is that they look careless. Connecting your tie too short dangers you looking like a clown.

To get your tie at the ideal length, connect it when standing in your natural posture as slouching or standing too high can negatively impact the precision of your tie length.

Another component to think about is the height of your pants. As it might make you look out of proportion if your pants fit higher on the waist you do not desire to substantially decrease the length of your tie with that.

Go for your tie to fall relative to your waistband.

  1. Width

The width of your tie should be chosen depending on your body shape. Decide for a slightly wider than average tie width as it will accentuate your body shape and stress your figure if you have really broad shoulders.

If you do not have extremely broad shoulders it is not encouraged to wear a large tie as it emphasizes that you do not have broad shoulders.

Those with a slim build should decide for a skinnier tie as it compliments your figure better.

  1. Knot

Getting the knot right is another incredibly crucial element of tie using. A knot that is too huge will like silly, but so will a knot that is too tiny.

The 3 knots you should know and utilize are:

  • Four-in-Hand
  • Half-Windsor
  • Windsor

A fantastic little knot is a Four-in-Hand knot, which is a needed and popular knot to understand and use. The Windsor forms a symmetrical knot which is fantastic for official celebrations.

Another tip is to develop a dimple underneath the knot of your tie. This includes a finishing touch of design and can be done by forming a crease in the center of your tie below the knot whilst tying it and after that pulling it in to develop a beautiful fold/ dimple in your tie (See image below).

Tie Dimple

Getting your tie right is very important, and now you’re a master.