How to Master the Presidential Pocket Square Fold?

One of the most typical pocket square folds, the Presidential Fold of coat square provides you the flexibility to use your square delicately or officially, depending upon the event ahead.

Finest accomplished with silk and linen pocket squares, due to the requirement for a great crisp fold, the Presidential Fold advertisements bags of character to your appearance and warranties to simmer your design.

For finest visuals, use the Presidential fold with block colored pocket squares and neutrals. There’s absolutely nothing more crisp and fresh than a plain white linen pocket square folded presidentially to jazz up your preferred supper coat.

The Presidential square fasts and basic to fold, suggesting, if you’re rushing out the door to get to an occasion, you do not need to tension about your pocket square watching out of location. Take your flat pocket square and fold it in half to make a rectangular shape.

Then lengthways, fold the bottom 2 corners up towards the leading 2, stopping about half an inch prior to them and pushing down to make a tidy cut and crisp fold. The side dealing with up will be the front of your pocket square, so with a fast slide into your coat, you’ll be quickly at the races and looking elegant with your dash of style sparkle.

Leave the half an inch of material nonchalantly poking out of your pocket and keep in mind to be precise and exact with each fold! Here’s an illustration on how to master the Presidential Fold of Men’s Pocket Square: