5 Trending Men’s Engagement Ring Designs

Traditionally, it was a female who wore an engagement ring talented by her Fiancé. Now, engagement rings are widely becoming more like the wedding band. Both, the man and the lady prefer it as a wedding event present for their respective partner.

Discovering ideal Diamond Rings for Men is not an easy job. There are reasonably fewer choices to pick from, compared to Women’s Engagement Rings. But, if you are taking a look at the best place, you will discover simply what you desire.

Wired Ring

Wired Men’s Engagement Ring

When you want a distinct style for a Men’s engagement ring, you can not go for the typical flower carvings or split shank styles. You need something masculine, yet not plain. The wired style is the finest alternative for Diamond Rings for Men.

Diamond Embossed Band

Diamond Embossed Men’s Engagement Ring

Some males do not like the concept of a centerpiece on their ring. But some females don’t like gifting a plain ring to their Fiancé. The option is to have smaller diamonds lined up along the band. This is why the diamond embossed band is so popular. It is an engagement band suitable for a guy, talented by a Fiancé who enjoys splurging on him.

Dual-toned Rings

Dual-toned Men's Engagement Ring

You can go for gold toned Diamond Rings for Men to match with his favorite gold watch. A really good alternative to this style is the royal blue stone set in a white gold, diamond, or platinum base.

The Simple Chunky Ring

Chunky Men’s Engagement Ring

For the no-nonsense guy who would not want to wear anything too amazing, you have the great old chunky band. It has to look various from the wedding event band.

Wide-band Diamond Ring

Wide-band Diamond Men’s Engagement Ring

This is the commonest style of Diamond Rings for Men. The factor for its appeal can be associated to the sleek and trendy style. One not chunky yet sizeable diamond inscribed in a large platinum or gold band is as elegant as it gets.